*Day 1.* (1 dive).
Our staff will meet you at Frans Seda Airport and take you to
Raja Manta. Arrivals before midday are appreciated for check
dive potential.
- Divesite around Pulau Besar or Pulau Babi for a check dive - near to Maumere.*
• _Sail overnight to NE Adunara._

*Day 2.* (3 dives).
*North Lembata Island.*
- Divesites around Kroko / Watu Peni & Bacatan.
• _Sail overnight to Alor.

*Day 3.* (4 dives).
- Divesites around Aloe including: Kal's Dream, Mini Mart, Muck Mosque, Pura Vida, Goat Wall & Crucifixion Corner.
• _Sail overenight to NW Wetar.

*Day 4.* (3 dives).
*Reong Island*
- Divesites include: Reong Utara , Tuna Express, Reong Selatan, & Snake Ridge.
• _Sail Overnight to Nyata Island .

*Day 5.* (3 dives).
*Nyata Island & Kital Island.*
- Diving Around North Nyata & Kital.*
• _Sail Overnight to Nusleur Island .

*Day 6.* (4 dives).
*Nusleur & Teun Island*
- Diving Around Nusleur & Teun Island
• _Short Sail To Dusborgh Atoll._

*Day 7.* (3 dives).
*Dusborgh & Nil Desperandum Atoll's*.
- Diving all around Reef and Wall of the Atoll's.
• _Evning Sail To Serua Island.

*Day 8* (3 dives).
*Serua Island.*
- Diving Around Keke Island.*
• _Sail Overnight to Manuk Volcano._

*Day 9.* (3 dives).
*Manuk Island*
- Divesite Includes : Coconut Corner, Bubble reef, & Babylon Ridge.
• _Sail Overnight to Banda Island._

*Day 10.* (3 dives).
*Banda Islands*.
- Diving Around Run & Suangi Island.
• _Sail Overnight to Ambon._

*Day 11.* (0 dives).
• Check out & Check In to Next destination.

*Diving days: 10days (30 dives).*



班达海(Banda Sea)在马来群岛东南,属太平洋的一部分,


Room type

Raja Manta总共有11间房;



Provide various services, massage, soft and hard, alcohol and equipment, please see the common picture for details



Raja Manta,We will do our best to serve every buddy and enjoy every day with the aim of safety, comfort and entertainment.