Maumere to Komodo *Day 1.* (1 dive).
Our staff will meet you at Frans Seda Airport and take you to Raja Manta. Arrivals before midday are appreciated for check dive potential.
- Divesite around Pulau Besar or Pulau Babi for a check dive - near to Maumere.*
• _Sail overnight to Telok Riung._

*Day 2.* (3 dives).
*Northwest Flores.*
- Divesites around Telok Riung & Tg. Kurubaja.
• _Sail overnight to South Komodo._

*Day 3.* (4 dives).
*South Komodo.*
- Divesites around Nusa Kode including: Cannibal Rock, Pulau Pisang, Yellow Wall & Torpedo Alley.
• _Anchor between Nusa Kode/Rinca Island._

*Day 4.* (4 dives).
*South Komodo - North Komodo, Nusa Kode/Rinca Island - East Komodo Island*
- Divesites include: Manta Alley, Three Sisters, Pink Beach & Night Dive.
• _Sail late night/early morning to Gili Lawa Laut/Darat & anchor there._

*Day 5.* (4 dives).
*North Komodo - Gili Lawa's.*
- Divesites include: Crystal Rock, Castle Rock, Shotgun, Golden Passage.
• _Anchor around Gili Lawa's._

*Day 6.* (4 dives).
*North Komodo - Current City*
- Divesites include: Batu Bolong, Siaba Kecil, Tatawa Besar/Kecil, Sambal & Wainilu night dive.
• _Anchor around Siaba Besar._

*Day 7.* (2 dives).
*Farewell to Komodo*.
- Divesites include: Siaba Besar & Mawan.
• _Afternoon & evening sail to Labuan Bajo harbour._

*Day 8.* (0 dives).
*Labuan Bajo*
Check-out, check-in & fly away.

*Diving days: 7 days (22 dives).*




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