Day 1. (0-2 dives) 2pm. Our staff will meet you upon your arrival to Pattimura Airport, Ambon or local hotel and transfer you to the awaiting Raja Manta. Arrivals before midday are best so we can make check dive(s) in Ambon Bay before we get underway by 2pm for overnight sail.
Day 2-3. (3 dives x2 days) Diving around Banda Islands with excellent visibility, fantastic coral coverage and tremendous numbers of fish along with potential Hammerhead sightings, plus a visit to one of the Spice Islands.
Day 4-6. (3 dives x3 days) Ring of Fire; diving around Volcanic Islands and stunning seamounts in search of hammerheads, encounter many sea snakes, huge schools of fish, reef sharks, tunas, & other pelagic superstars.
Day 7. (2 dives) Hukurila Cave & Molana. Sail back to Ambon where you spend last night on board. Plenty of time to wash & dry equipment, rest & relaxation, and if need be, an early flight on Trip Departure day.
Day 8. (0 dives) 5am-12pm. Check out after light breakfast & farewells, we transfer to local hotel or airport. Take your pre-booked flight to Ujung Pandang (aka Makassar), Jakarta or Singapore
Diving days: 7 days (18 dives)



班达海(Banda Sea)在马来群岛东南,属太平洋的一部分,


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Raja Manta总共有11间房;



Provide various services, massage, soft and hard, alcohol and equipment, please see the common picture for details



Raja Manta,We will do our best to serve every buddy and enjoy every day with the aim of safety, comfort and entertainment.